Meet Jeff Lawson

I caught the wine bug about ten years ago and haven't put a bottle down since then!  When I was in my twenties I dabbled in wine a bit, mostly at weddings and business meetings, not really knowing that the house "red" or "white" didn't taste like all wines do.  I was sitting at home one day and wanted to start discovering more about wine.  I thought it was romantic, classy and sexier than beer.  I started reading everything I could get my hands on, did some research and bought my first case of red wine off of Ebay of all places.  To my surprise, the wine had been on the Top 50 of the Wine Enthusiast list of that year and it was really quite good.   From that day on, I was hooked.

I am a former career firefighter and a very enthusiastic wine lover.   I am NOT a wine snob.  In addition to blogging, I work for my family business and live by the motto, "Hard work isn't hard.  It's a choice."  My wife and 4 kids don't necessarily share my healthy obsession for wine, but they do appreciate my passion and my desire to share my thoughts and experiences.

So why do I write about wine?  I started seriously writing about wine in 2011 under my previous blog, Midwest Wine Guy.  That labor of love, like Drink The Bottles, was created out of a desire to share real wines with real people.   Uh.........what?  I know it sounds simple.  I had visited dozens of wine blogs and websites over the years and found most of them pretentious, uninformed, unappealing, out-of-date or just a front to sell you the newest wine widget.  So instead of investing a dollar into the stock market for everytime someone asked, "Hey Jeff, can you recommend a good bottle of wine", I decided to channel my energy into wine blogging.

I write about wines that I know you will enjoy.  These are wines that I would be happy to share with friends and family and I'll cover everything from a $9 grocery store pick-up bottle to bottles worth hundreds of dollars.   If I don't care for the wine, you'll never hear about it here.

I've been down the craft beer trail and whiskey highway, but wine has really always had my heart.  I love learning about it, tasting it, discovering new & interesting stories - and writing about it.  Every wine on the Drink The Bottles wine blog has been personally tasted by me, so you know the connection is real. 

Who are the people in this wine tribe?  The folks that regularly connect with Drink The Bottles are primarily from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa and Asia, but there is a scattering of oenophiles in just about every corner of the earth that drop by here from time to time.  I realize that most people are primarily 'visual', meaning that they like to look at wine labels and pictures first, so I try to keep my thoughts on the wine short, sweet and entertaining.  Sometimes I get off track and ramble a bit, but it's always for a good reason!

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