2019 Dawn's Dream Winery Frances Jane Chardonnay

There's no question that a quality Chardonnay really pleases the palate and is one of the world's most diverse and celebrated white wines.  We recently had the opportunity to taste this exciting wine and we know  that you will love it.  This is the  2019 Dawn's Dream Winery Frances Jane Chardonnay and like most wines that we love, it has a back story.  The Frances Jane name comes from Dawn's granddaughter and the fun label comes from the love that Frances Jane has for the four-legged fur babies.  In fact, $5.00 of every bottle of this wine is donated to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.  We love this! This wine is on the drier side but welcomes the palate with toasted ciabatta, lemon cream and crisp pear.  It opens up the senses and warms the mouth with candied apples, hints of oak and bright acidity, leading to a lingering and satisfying finish.  While we tasted this wine without food (like we do all of our wines), we think this selection would be a lovely accompaniment to ha

The Points

Wine scoring

If we have preached one thing throughout our years as a wine blogger it is this:  Don't get wrapped up in the scores!  Lets repeat that.  Do NOT get wrapped up in the scores.  So, why do most people "score" wines then, you ask?  Because most people need a guide, or a report card instead of just "word of mouth" when it comes to selecting a wine.  Whether it's the traditional and most popular 100-point system used widely in the United States, or the familiar 20-point system used primarily by the French, grading scales are popular and commonplace and provide guidance on "hey, this is really good" versus "man, I wouldn't let my dog lick that off of a car tire".  You get the point.

What do we look for in a great wine?  For us, it's the overall product.  It starts with the label.  If the wine is on a shelf, does it pull you in?  After the label is the presentation.  How does it look after a generous pour?  What are the aromas?  What are the tastes?  How is the finish?  Is it memorable?  Will you be able to drink it in the future or will be be vinegar in 6 months?  These are just a few things that go into the overall score.

Over the years we have had many wine producers ask us not to give their wines a point rating.  And, to be honest, that is something that we really enjoy (and prefer).  The notes about the wine should paint a picture for the reader that will quickly allow them to determine whether or not they want to spend their hard earned money on this bottle or that bottle.  So the next time someone tells you that they only drink wines rated 95 points are higher, tell them that you drink wines that taste great, no matter what kind of high school grade that they received.  And then tell them to pound sand.

The secret to enjoying a good wine:  Open the bottle and allow it to breathe.  If the bottle does not look like it is breathing, give it mouth to mouth and repeat.  -Unknown


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