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Drink The Bottles wine blog project

After a hiatus for a couple of years, I am super exited to be writing about wine again on this blog - Drink The Bottles.  I am going to share some of my favorite wines with you here and hope that we can go through this wonderful journey together.  The wines featured on Drink The Bottles will cover all varietals and price points.  In other words, there will be something for everyone!

How did I get here?  Previously I owned and wrote about wine and wine education on my previous wine blog, Midwest Wine Guy.  Back then, life was coming at me at about 200 miles per hour and I simply couldn't give everything that I wanted to the project.  Fast forward a couple of years and it is time to write again, not get overwhelmed and enjoy this wonderful world of wine!

The wines are why you're here, right?  I'm not going to fill this page with fluff.  This wine blog is where you will discover the best wines to drink alone, drink with a friend or save for a rainy day.  I present to you......Drink The Bottles wine blog.

Have a favorite wine?   Tell me about it and it may be featured here!  -Jeff Lawson

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