The Process

The Tasting Process

Wines and spirits are absolutely beautiful and are intended to be enjoyed.  Some people collect wines and have big showoff collectcions.  Admittedly, we dabbled into this at one point in our lives, but then we learned something.  Eventually, some day, every single wine will eventually hit its peak and then begin the downward spiral to its death.  This is inevitable.  We have since decided that we would not go through life collecting wine or whisky and pulling out that "special" bottle on a special occasion.  Any day is a great day to ship a glass (or a bottle) of wine, whisky, boubon, tequila, rum..... right?

Some folks taste dozens of spirits and wines per day, spit them out, dump them and really don't enjoy them.  The life of a wine and spirits taster/blogger, huh?  Well, that's not us.  We open a bottle, sometimes decant the wine, let the spirit breathe (especially for a new bottle) swirl the heck out of it and taste it - really taste it.  There is no brown bag blind tasting.  We study the label, the aromas, the flavors and learn about the winemaker or distiller, the winery or distillery, the process, the history and the appellation or origin.  We then provide you with an absolute honest review because we want you to experience what we do.  Let's enjoy this journey together and have fun while do so!

Just to be very won't find a wine or spirit on this blog that we wouldn't personally serve to our family and friends.  Sure, some taste better than others.  Everyone knows that.  But what you won't find here is a blog that trashes wines or spirits or the great folks who create them.  What is the point?  No, we not afraid of telling someone that their wine or vodka tastes like motor oil, but we just wouldn't tell the world that.  Instead, we are going to tell you of these lovely beverages that are appealing to us and in turn, will probably appeal to you.  If a winery or a distiller submits a sample* for notes and it doesn't appear, well.......... sometimes the silence is deafening!

*Sending wine and spirits samples does not guarantee that Drink The Bottles will be able to give each bottle some wings and share our thoughts on it.  The blog has really been gaining some ground and we receive many requests annually.  As much as we try to review every single bottle, it may not be possible.  Thanks for understanding.

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