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2017 Abacela Albarino

I'm always looking for a new and interesting wine, especially one made with a grape that isn't mainstream or widely produced.  Don't get me wrong - I absolutely love a velvety Chardonnay, but the 2017 Abacela Abarino introduced me to a grape that I had nearly forgotten but don't want to lose sight of again.  This wine is very light and made of a Spanish grape that presents wonderful floral and orange blossom aromas with canning spices.  The wine is crisp but not overly sharp, which allows it to be a great hors d' oeuvres accompaniment or a refreshing cooler on a hot summer day.  I really think this mildly sweet, fruitful wine would pair well with empanadas on the back deck.  With it's low alcohol content and light mouthfeel, you can easily forget that this is a wine, and not in a bad way.  I suggest drinking this lovely wine slightly chilled. ABV:  13.2% Umpqua Valley, Oregon Suggested retail price:  $21.00 Drink The Bottles score:  90/

2014 Abacela Barrel Select Tempranillo

One of the most enjoyable things about wine blogging is the ability to not only share stories of great wines through the blog, but also the occasion to physically share a bottle of wine with friends.  And that is exactly what happened with this 2014 Abacela Barrel Select Tempranillo.  I was lucky enough to introduce a new varietal to a friend, honestly not knowing his palate or his preference in wines.  To say that he was impressed would be a gross understatement.  I chuckle inside when someone finds a wine that they love, they take a sip, discover something new, talk about it....and repeat!  Gorgeous dark purple velvet in the glass with blackberry smokiness combines with espresso and exotic spices on the nose, this wine is made proper in all aspects.  In the mouth is a very welcoming and delicious basket of dark fruits, smoke-charred hickory wood and spices that wake you up at first taste and follow this wine all the way to it's very long and memorable finish.  The good news

2015 Abacela Fiesta Tempranillo

I'm a sucker for Tempranillo.   It's one of about 4 wines that I really, really  enjoy, but think it is either greatly underappreciated or often ignored for more popular varietals.  This 2015 Abacela Fiesta Tempranillo is not only delicious, it is an incredible value for what you get out of the bottle.  Medium to bright crimson throughout the glass, this wine is very fruit forward for this varietal, which is typically more reserved across the board.  Aromas of spiced, stewed red fruits and dark mocha engulf the senses and instantly produce a mouth-watering sensation that is only quenched by the first taste of this beauty.  In the mouth are dark fruits, plum skins, vanilla and a beautiful and smooth finish that again presents the dark mocha.  This wine has been in the bottle for less than a year and it is the kind of bottle that a Tempranillo lover (like myself) would not want to share.  With magic like this, it's easy to understand how Abacela was the Oregon Winery of