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2015 Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2015 Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that can be enjoyed immediately and often with its incredibly soft tannins and welcoming mouth feel.  Smooth and supple, this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (87%), Merlot (6%), Cabernet Franc (5%) and Petite Verdot (2%) offers a solid medium purple color and slender legs in the glass.  The aromas of rapsberry, cedar and licorice aren't necessarily the stars here, but rather the supporting cast to a wine that offers the same in the mouth and adds red licorice, roasted coffee beans and soft spices to the mix.  Even with the four blended grapes, I had anticipated a much younger feeling and more acidic wine that would be bright and benefit from a few more years in the bottle.  That was certainly not the case here!  This wine is completely approachable and one that I think you will enjoy with a pot roast dinner if you're looking for a food pairing.  But, it can certainly stand on it's own merit. ABV:  14.3%

2015 Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay

When one thinks of white wine in the Napa Valley, Chardonnay is the immediate varietal that pops into mind and almost always the star of the show.  What I love about Chardonnay, is like Cabernet, you can taste 10 of them glass-to-glass and have 10 very distinct flavor profiles and tasting experiences.  The 2015 Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay displays a bright lemon peel color in the glass, aromas of pineapple, Caribbean fruits and buttery biscuit.  On the tongue is a really nice, brighter feeling that makes this wine a good companion with many types of food.  I would imagine this with a hot buffalo chicken dip, jalapeno poppers or a spicy Thai dish.  The flavors of nectarine, brown sugar and creamy bread pudding are well blended and lead to a bright and airy finish. ABV:  14.1% Napa Valley, California Suggested retail price:  $24.00 Drink The Bottles score:  87/100