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2019 Dawn's Dream Winery Eliza Jane Syrah

We have tasted many Pinot Noir from Dawn's Dream Winery over the years and this is an honor to taste the inaugural vintage of this Syrah.  The  2019 Dawn's Dream Winery Eliza Jane Syrah is named after Dawn's first granddaughter and the bottle label is also a tribute to her nickname, Ladybug.  The wine features a charming red color with aromas of raspberry, mild pepper, plum and spice.  Fresh wild blueberry flavors fill the mouth and dance with saddle leather, dried spices and lead to a very bright and lingering finish.  This wine is very well balanced and not over spiced or fuming of alcohol, which can be common with Syrah.  You would never guess that this is the first production of this wine by the restrained elegance that it presents.  Terrific!   ABV:  13.5% Carmel Valley, CA Suggested retail price:  $58.00 Drink The Bottles  score:  93/100

2016 Dawn's Dream Winery Bel Sogno Pinot Noir

So, here's the deal.  I've been lucky enough to taste several Pinot Noir from Dawn Galante's amazing team at Dawn's Dream Winery and each one is unique and pretty special.  Some are more fruit forward, some smoky, but this 2016 Bel Sogno Pinot Noir takes its own beaten path and stands out from the rest.  Wonderful dark purple in the glass with aromas of muted currant, black cherry, rose petal and vanilla cream.  This wine isn't a high acidic bomb and has a more mellow characteristic in the mouth, creating a finish that is welcoming and leaves you yearning for more.  The flavors are muted at first, but mid palate the sour cherry, black raspberry and red currant jelly blend for a tasting experience that really is satisfying.  When Pinot Noir is made this well, I prefer to sip it with good company, sans food.  I do think that a lighter, brothy soup would be a good pairing as would a braised duck breast or just good 'ol fried mushrooms!  Lovely bottle.

2016 Dawn's Dream Winery Rachael Pinot Noir

You'll really become infatuated with the color and aromas of this 2016 Dawn's Dream Winery "Rachael" Pinot Noir.  Smoky cedar and baked cranberries on the nose, the smokiness flows right across the lips and is joined by vanilla, cardamom, dark cherries and flaky pie crust.  I could swirl this beautiful wine for hours, becoming mesmerized by the medium purple body with dark rim and gorgeous legs  For me, this Pinot Noir is a solo drinker and each taste is more enjoyable than the previous one.  I think it would pair very well with a very ripe fruit cobbler.  Wonderfully made! ABV:  13.5% Santa Lucia Highlands, California Suggested retail price:  $40.00 Drink The Bottles score:  89/100

2016 Dawn's Dream Winery Pinot Noir Rosè

Most of the time people see pink wines, they probably think White Zinfandel.  And then come back flooding memories of a $9 gallon jug of brash, highly acidic and flavorless wine that you can barely choke down, only to wake up with heartburn for days.  Some much of that $3 bottle junk has turned people off of rosè wines because it's hard to get over the stigma and differentiate between junk and delicious rosè that is made from fine Pinot Noir.  So, have a seat, clear out the bad mojo and open your mind to this exquisite 2016 Dawn's Dream Winery Pinot Noir Rosè from the Santa Lucia Highlands.  Beautiful salmon colored in the glass from center to edge, this light wine presents stewed strawberries, brioche, watermelon and summer rain.  It's bright on the tongue and best served moderately chilled with very mild cranberry, strawberry and fresh bread dough in the mouth.  A cup of lobster bisque would be a great marriage, but so would a fresh vegetable platter, shrimp tempura

2016 Dawn's Dream Chardonnay Escolle Vineyard

The 2016 Dawn's Dream Winery Chardonnay (Escolle Vineyard) is a flavorful, welcoming and refreshing Chardonnay with layers of flavors.  Medium golden in color, this wine presents nose-filling fruitful aromas of juicy pineapple, vanilla, lemon, spring flowers and........ a faintness of orange peel?  It seems like this wine changes every minute and I find it extremely intriguing and satisfying.  In the mouth it's a collaboration of flavors that include citrus flavors, lemon zest, light green grasses and brown sugar.  For such a young wine, it is drinking spot on and I (of course) sampled this around room temperature.  It's not overly oaked and not heavy at all.  I'd suggest some pasta with light cream sauce (fettuccine maybe?) or a roasted chicken dish with fresh garden vegetables as a well-paired duo. ABV:  14.0% Santa Lucia Highlands, California Suggested retail price:  $30.00 Drink The Bottles score:  92/100

2016 Dawn's Dream Winery Alyssa Pinot Noir

Dawn's Dream Winery offers several Pinot Noir selections, each with a distinct flavor profile and tasting experience.  The 2016 Alyssa Pinot Noir pulls you in with incredible aromas of red raspberry and ripe plum.  I thought originally this was going to be a very delicate wine, but the fruit forward flavors of the berries, sweet cherries and orange gumdrop create a wine that holds it's own and finishes very strong.  It's bright and as smooth as glass.  This wine is drinking beautifully and would compliment a grilled duck breast with risotto and asparagus. ABV:  13.5% Santa Lucia Highlands, California Suggested retail price:  $40.00 Drink The Bottles Score:  90/100