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NV Winking Owl Merlot

Why would you buy a bottle of wine for $2.49 you ask?  I honestly don't have an answer.  Curiosity probably got the best of me.  Flashbacks of "Two Buck Chuck" bounced around in my head as I passed this at Aldi several times yesterday.  But I like to keep an open mind and I'm always up to a challenge so I figured at this price, I'm really no worse for wear.  This bottle is less than a cup of coffee at most restaurants and I've spent far more money on less satisfying objects in my lifetime.  So, without further ado, I present the non-vintage Winking Owl Merlot..... I should start by saying that I am generally perplexed by anyone  who can put wine in a bottle for this price.  After all, sans juice, you still have the bottle, the cork, the label, the capsule, the outer packaging, the marketing, etc, etc to take into consideration of the total cost at checkout.  So when you remove those items from the cost of the bottle of wine, what do you have?  I would guess ab

NV Cooper's Hawk Sangria White

Typically we save Sangria, both white and red, for summer months.  Nothing beats a hot July day with some white Sangria and some fresh fruits thrown in to enhance the wine.  Cooper's Hawk is based out of Illinois and I typically tell people their wines, for the most part, have a strong Midwest appeal.  What I mean is that they are full of flavor.  If you're more into flavor instead of depth, tannin, lingering mouth feel blah, blah, blah then check out some of their popular wines.  The NV (non-vintage) Sangria White is a bright and fruity wine that bounces some nectarine, peach and apricot around in your nose.  This medium-yellow wine drinks very smoothly as a good Sangria should and tastes like the previously mentioned fruits.  Take a bottle of this, put it in a pitcher with ice and throw in some strawberries for a good time.  Pairs very well with light cheeses and meats.  You'll like this! ABV:  12.5% Suggested retail price:  $14.99 Drink The Bottles score: