2014 Cline Cellars Sonoma Coast Estate Merlot

2014 Cline Cellars Sonoma Coast Estate Merlot

I wish I had a dollar for every time over the years someone has asked me, "What's a good wine"?  That's such an open-ended question, especially if you don't know someone's taste preference or budget.  I could spend hours recommending good wines, but you really need some trial-and-error in your life to see what you like.  Even if you like California wines, the flavor profiles vary greatly from appellation to appellation.  Remember, it starts with the soil!  Ok, I think I've rambled on enough here, right?  So, let's talk about this 2014 Cline Cellars Sonoma Coast Estate Merlot.  For those who think they don't like Merlot, it's typically because they haven't had any delicious, 100% Merlot like this one, or they have watched Sideways too many times.  This beautiful wine is a medium ruby red in color with aromas of dark cherry, chocolate and burnt cedar after intense swirling.  (And if you aren't swirling your wine, you're cheating yourself out of the full tasting experience!).  The oak aging adds some complexity to this wine which is evident by the very smooth finish with cherries, a kiss of plum and semi-sweet chocolate.  This Merlot will pair with a wide variety of pasta and roasted meat dishes.  Pick this wine up, drink it and then call Cline Cellars and thank them for making such a delicious and affordable 100% Merlot!

ABV:  14.0%

Sonoma Coast, California

Suggested retail price:  $22.00

Drink The Bottles score:  90/100


  1. Are you sure about this price? If found it for $18.99 at a local wine store in San Francisco.

  2. Thanks for reaching out. Wow, $18.99 is a fantastic price! Keep in mind that the prices listed are suggested retail prices, suggested by the producers. If you sign up for the www.clinecellars.com wine club, you can get this for under $18 a bottle!


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