2015 Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon

2015 Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon
I figured since it was time to start writing again, I might as well start with my favorite varietal, Cabernet Sauvignon.   Now don’t start putting your nose in the air and poo poo this wine because it’s not a 100% Cab.  It’s also not priced like a full blooded red that we love to drink by ourselves and not share with the neighbors.   This 2015 Avalon CAB is a generous blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon along with Merlot (7%), Tannat (4%), Petit Sirah (2%) and Zinfandel (2%).  With this you’re getting a very affordable and tasty medium to dark red wine that has treats you with baking spices, black cherry, raspberry and some touches of vanilla.   This wine has spent some time in oak barrels which further brings out some mocha on the smooth finish.  The important thing here is that this wine is very good.  And this wine pairs great with just about anything hearty – a meatloaf, burgers, pizza, some medium to stout flavored cheeses.    You can’t go wrong here and you can impress your friends and your accountant at the same time.  *The 2014 vintage is pictured.
Suggested retail price:  $11.99
Drink The Bottles score:  87/100


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