NV Treveri Cellars Brut Blanc de Blancs

NV Treveri Cellars Brut Blanc de Blancs

What do you see here?  Champagne!   No.  It's sparkling wine.  But we don't need to get into the whole conversation about sparkling wine and Champagne right now, do we?  If you want to know the history behind it and why this is sparkling wine....perform a quick Google search.  Now, me personally.....if someone says they are serving Champagne with hors d'oeuvres at brunch, well, I'm not going to get mad at them when it's American sparkling wine nor am I going to correct them.  In many cases, sparking wine has much more appeal than several Champagne I've tried over the years, both in flavor and price point.  This NV Treveri Cellars Brut Blanc de Blancs is made in the Champagne style and expresses green apple and a beautifully balanced warm bread yeasty flavor that is delicious.  Beautiful pale golden color (this is a Chardonnay blend).  Micro bubbles help lift and muted apple and pear aromas and when served slightly chilled, this sparking wine is refreshing and an excellent pairing with finger foods like smoked salmon on toast points.  Here's a fact I just found out about Treveri Cellars:  Their wines have been served at the White House.  I think that says a lot about the quality and popularity.  And for the value, you'd be remiss not to have a couple of bottles lying around for your Sunday brunch.

NV Treveri Cellars Brut Blanc de Blancs Label

ABV:  12.0%

Yakima Valley, Washington

Suggested retail price:  $15.00  

Drink The Bottles score:  87/100


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