Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2016 Farmhouse Red

2016 Farm House Red

So, I was super excited to get this bottle of wine, which is produced by Cline Cellars of California.  Why?  Because to me this wine represents much more than what is inside.  This bottle represents to me heritage, education, appreciation and love for farming and the earth.  I guess I feel, in some way, that I have a "six degrees" connection with this bottle and what it stands for because farming has run in my family for generations.  Be good stewards of the earth and ye shall be rewarded.  

The 2016 Farmhouse Red wine has some real energy.  As I was pouring this wine, the raspberry, smoky, scorched earth actually leaped from the glass.   Swirling only accentuated the same and completely filled the nose and throat with delicious, full, warm aromas.  In the mouth is a wine that makes a presence with the blackberry pie, toasted dark bread and sweet cherries that combine with a peppery and luscious finish that doesn't necessary linger, but is memorable and delicious.  If fruit-forward wines are your jam, than this wine is calling your name.  This wine would be a great cheese wine or pair well with meat that has been on the smoker all day.  This is a blend of Merlot (39%), Syrah (21%), Zinfandel (20%), Grenache (9%), Petite Sirah (7%) and Mourvedre (3%).  Solid!

2016 Farm House Red Label

ABV:  14.0%


Suggested retail price:  $15.00

Drink The Bottles score:  89/100

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