Tuesday, April 10, 2018

NV Treveri Cellars Blanc de Noirs

NV Treveri Cellars Blanc de Noirs

I had so much fun tasting this sparkling wine that I had to share it with friends.  I mean, after all, isn't that what loving wine is all about?  Let me first start by saying that if I find out anyone is taking this Treveri Cellars Blanc de Noirs sparkling wine and making mimosas out of it, I might throat punch you.  Go buy some blah blah blah $6.99 rot gut at the grocery store for that.  You'd be completely remiss and wasting a fantastic opportunity to taste a beautifully made, delicate sparkling wine from Washington state.  Lovely bouquet of strawberry and warm, handmade biscuits on the nose and that carries through to the flavors and micro bubbles that celebrate in the mouth.  This sparkling wine is so good that it is difficult to take your time and sip it.  I served this well chilled and think that was the right call.  The finish on this is extremely fine and smooth and leaves you wanting more.  

NV Treveri Cellars Blanc de Noirs Label

ABV:  12.8%

Columbia Valley, Washington

Suggested retail price:  $20.00

Drink The Bottles score:  91/100

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