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Ironton Distillery Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Ironton Distillery Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Did you know there are approximately 750 whiskey and bourbon distilleries in operation in the US?  Did you know that not all great distilled spirits come from central Kentucky?  We did and today we are sharing one of those with you.  We're tasting and sharing the Ironton Distillery Colorado Straight Bourbon today and we are thrilled to have connected with these folks.  The female leadership team of Kallyn Romero (co-owner) and Laura Walters (head distiller) is making their mark in the Colorado distilled spirits scene by offering up a nice selection of lower proof whiskey from their core portfolio, but also throwing in some cask strength bourbon, a single malt finished in a coffee cask and then gin, rum and other goodies.  For distilling only since 2018, they have been cranking out some quality products that will surely continue to foot their footprint in the "brown water" world.

With Romero's entrepreneurial knack and Walters' previous experience in the wine and whiskey world, we have no doubt that this team will continue to grow, create and share the goodness that is all things Ironton.  We love what they're doing and where they are going!

The current offering of Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Ironton comes in at a very sippable and approachable proof that makes it super easy for all experience levels to enjoy.  While the mashbill is unknown, we can tell you that consists of blue heirloom corn, barley, rye and red wheat.  Aged at least 2 years, the charred oak barrels create a beautiful carmel color and sweet nose of vanilla bean, honey and roasted pecan.  The palate is guided by orange and fig cake initially.  A couple sips in are reminiscent of candy corn and hot Spanish peanuts, finishing with red fruits, sweet nutmeg and a touch of cinnamon candy.  The sweet and nutty flavors likely are pulled from the blue corn and that provides a very unique experience that is a refreshing spin on bourbon.  

While we are starting to see more distilleries west of the Mississippi used blue corn, this one will be a stand out for us as a new and lovely experience.  This was tasted three ways - neat, with a couple of drops of water and then with food.  While we don't normally sip whiskey with food (it just isn't our thing), we found that this bottle paired really well with smoked turkey sausage and fried green beans.  This bourbon really connected with food!

This first bottle from Ironton Distillery and Crafthouse in Denver, CO is a winner in our books.  Without knowing how many barrels they have resting, we are hoping (fingers crossed) that they are keeping several on the racks so we can taste some 4 and 6 year whiskies in the future.  We like what this distillery is doing and we will be keeping tabs on them.  If you're in the Denver area, stop by and check them out!

Ironton Distillery Bourbon Whiskey back of bottle

ABV:  43.0% (86.0 proof)

Distillery:  Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse

Suggested retail price:  $65.00

Drink The Bottles score:  89/100

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