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Hooten Young Operation Gothic Serpent Rye Whiskey

Hooten Young Operation Gothic Serpent Rye Whiskey

Tim Young and former Special Mission Unit Member (MSG RET) Norm Hooten were chatting around a fire, sipping whiskey and dragging on cigars with friends.  That's how all great whiskey brands are started, aren't they?  These two guys wanted to honor military service and provide a quality whiskey to the market that had meaning behind their brand.  Hooten Young was born.

This is the first product of Hooten Young we have tasted, and that's a shame since we have seen it locally many times on shelves.  Now that we have tasted this 6 year rye, we will be on the hunt for more of their limited-release whiskey to taste and share.  This is the Hooten Young Operation Gothic Serpent Rye Whiskey honoring the 30 year anniversary of Operation Gothic Serpent.  OGS is the real life story that inspired the wildly popular movie Black Hawk Down.  

Coming in at 93 proof, this MGP-distilled whiskey has a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% barley.  The color is antique oak furniture with aromas of dried fruits, tobacco and clove.  Tasted neat in a rocks glass, the sweet dried fruit flavors were joined with carmel candy, peppercorn and cherry cordial.  While the finished isn't overly long, it is very pleasant and leaves you with wanting to dig back into the bottle.  This would be an entry level whiskey for this brand compared to its other limited, higher aged statement releases.  Nonetheless, it is definitely a whiskey that would be a great companion to telling stories with friends and making new memories.  Solid.

Hooten Young Operation Gothic Serpent Rye Whiskey Label

ABV:  46.5% (93 proof)

Distillery:  MGP for Hooten Young

Suggested retail price:  $64.99

Drink The Bottles score:  90/100

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